Can businesses or individuals nominate themselves?
No, you can’t self-nominate.

How long does a business have to be operating to be nominated?
Minimum of 12 months (1 year) unless stated by specific criteria in the City or District of Chilliwack. Specific awards may have their own nomination criteria listed on the nomination page.

Can surrounding companies be nominated?
No, all nominees must be located in the City or District of Chilliwack.

Do I need to have a business license to qualify?
Yes, you need to have proof of a valid business license from the City of Chilliwack.

How are the finalists and winners decided?
Finalists and winners are decided by the independent Judges Committee, not by an online voting system or by number of nominations.

Can a business or individual be nominated in more than one category?
Yes, you may be nominated in up to three (3) categories but can only qualify in one category. Judges may use their discretion to identify the most suitable categories for businesses to be placed.

How many consecutive years can you be nominated? 
Unlimited, however, once you win in a given category, you may only be nominated again after 5 years.

How many years after winning in one category can you be nominated in the same category?
After 5 years.

If you win in one category, can you be nominated in a different category the following year?

How many consecutive years can you be nominated in the same category?
Unlimited until you win.

Can franchises of large companies qualify?
Yes, if the franchise is privately owned and is operating in the City of Chilliwack.

Can sponsors be nominated in a category other than the one they are sponsoring?
Yes, as we have 24 judges and teams of 3, the teams will be selected based on no conflicts.

Can sponsors make nominations?

Can Board Member’s companies be nominated?
Yes, as the independent Judging Committee is not comprised of Chamber staff or Board Members.