Yoga is an Essential Component of Wellness



Many of us are living an over scheduled existence. Week to week we juggle work, family, commitments and responsibilities. Often self-care is the last priority because we think we can go without. Yet statistics of sick days due to illness or stress attest to the opposite. A life without balance is not sustainable. The concept of wellness is becoming more prevalent in social discourse as we recognize the necessity and long term benefits of incorporating well-being practices into our lives.


Yoga offers a holistic approach. This ancient practice takes into account the whole person- physical and mental wellness. The physical benefits of yoga are numerous including increased flexibility, energy,  muscular strength, a stronger immune system, pain relief and improved sleep. The mental benefits of yoga may be less known. Yoga was created as a philosophy for living to our fullest potential. Hatha yoga, the physical practice, was created as a means of quieting the mind in preparation for meditation. The science community is learning how meditation has lasting effects on our brain function. The physical practice on the mat is dedicated to breath and movement and being present. We give our minds a vacation from the constant noise of our inner voice, the replaying of past events and the planning of future what ifs. Connecting to the body can redirect our attention to the present moment clearing the mind and creating space in what may feel like a cluttered existence.  Practicing mindfulness promotes mental clarity which affects all aspects of our lives. A well rested body and mind will function at a higher level of efficiency.  There’s no quick fix for a stressed out tired body and mind. There is no substitute for wellness practices. A regular discipline of physical movement and mindful practices can help to create more of a balance.

Investment in workplace wellness is now more prevalent than ever before. Studio B offers flexible corporate yoga passes to offer to your employees as an additional employee benefit. A corporate yoga pass is a simple, low-cost, and highly-effective way to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to employee well being.  The benefits for employees include learning stress management techniques, improving overall physical fitness, better posture for sedentary jobs and a general increase in wellness.  The individual benefits employees gain from yoga will carry over into the work environment through increased productivity, improved work/life balance, boosted morale and reduced costs of absenteeism.

Studio B offers many choices to integrating yoga into your work place.


Flexible Corporate Yoga Passes

50 Class Pass for $500 or $10/class

20 Class Pass for $249 or $12.45/class

These passes can be shared with up to 20 employees. Passes have a 12 month expiry with no extensions. We also offer custom class packages, as well as monthly unlimited class passes at a discounted corporate rate.


Private Team Building/ Team Reward Classes for Businesses

Book the studio and bring your team in for a group yoga class. Email for hourly rates.


Public Yoga Classes 7 Days Per Week- Including Lunch Hour Classes

Visit for our live class schedule. We offer yoga, pilates, and barre classes at all times of day in order to suit the needs of your employees.


Darlene Kee

Yoga Teacher

From the first class, Darlene kee knew that practicing Yoga would be part of her journey. She was drawn to Yoga for the sense of well-being it promoted. Over the years, Yoga has been a source of balancing mind, body and spirit. She received her 200 RYT teacher training through Open Source Yoga with Dan Clement in 2010. Her intention is to make yoga accessible and hopes students are inspired to carry the mind-body connection into other aspects of their lives.

Darlene comes to teaching with a humble heart and is grateful to be able to share this transformative practice with others. The practice of yoga has the power to give pause in our lives and remind us of that which is greater than our individual selves.