“Rebalance Rehab was a vision of mine early-on in my career. I wanted to provide holistic physical rehabilitation services. And I believe that everyone should have access to services that focuses on their functional goals, whether that’s a high-level athlete or someone wanting to maintain their independence with the activities of daily living.”

Nicole began her career in 1996, on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. While travelling in BC, she fell in love with the local region, and in 1998, she moved to Chilliwack, where she expanded her skills and obtained education in manual therapy, chronic pain treatment, vocational rehabilitation, physical assessments and exercise-based active rehabilitation techniques. For over 20 years, Nicole has practiced as a Registered Physiotherapist, serving the Chilliwack and Kent Districts. She’s also a certified clinical STOTT Pilates rehabilitation professional.

The team members at Rebalance Rehab have been providing rehabilitation services to the community of Chilliwack for over 20 years. Rebalance Rehab services are accessible by telehealth or mobile in-home physiotherapy. For those who prefer in-clinic treatment, we also offer the same holistic, comprehensive care that our clients have come to appreciate, but in our new Chilliwack clinic. Our services include: Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Kinesiology and Dietitian support. We also offer Pilates classes at our clinic location and a cutting-edge rehabilitation program guided by certified STOTT Pilates-trained instructors.  We focus on providing not just short-term pain relief, but lasting solutions and meaningful outcomes that allow you to remain active throughout your life. We want you to believe in your body once more. To know that you have the tools necessary to maintain an active lifestyle at any age.

Nicole Olson, BSc PT, Rebalance Rehab