Now that the pandemic restrictions are easing up, many of us are starting the journey of getting our lives back on track. Some of us are doing this by getting back into shape, creating a new diet plan, learning a new skill, or advancing more in our careers. We know what we want to accomplish – but now the trick is staying motivated! Finding motivation can be difficult, so here are just a few helpful tips.

Define the goal and why you are doing it

The first step to staying motivated is knowing what you’re doing it for. To understand your goal, you will need to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and what the results will look like. Think about why you want it and what kind of outcome it will have on your life.

Make realistic goals

When trying to motivate yourself towards a new goal, people will often make the mistake of setting their goals too high. For example, if you commit to exercising more and then immediately start by doing a 10km run after not doing any form of exercise in months, you will likely feel discouraged after that first run. It is better to set more achievable goals that still give you that feeling of accomplishment, then work your way to a larger goal. You will build more confidence in yourself and will be more likely to stick to your plan.

Create habits

Regular habits, rather than harsh self-discipline, are key to making sure you are sticking to your plan long term. Try having designated places where you work:

  • Have your running shoes set out when you get out of bed when your goal is to go to the gym more.
  • If there are a few minutes of spare time in your day, take five minutes where you can work on your French on Duolingo.

Forming these habits will make it more likely that you will stay motivated long term.

Make it fun

It is a lot easier to stay motivated when your task is fun. If you are trying to eat healthier and you’re eating the same boring salad with no dressing every day, you’re not likely to try to stay on that diet. Remember it’s not always about the goal, but it’s the journey to getting there that matters too! So make sure that whatever it is you’re doing feels like play and not like a burden.

Define and confront any emotional barriers

Sometimes the reason that we are not accomplishing as much as we want goes beyond just our lack of motivation and stems into something deeper. This is why looking after your mental health is so important. If you find that you are running against an emotional barrier, do your best to confront it and find ways to work around it. Your emotional and mental wellbeing can affect all other corners of life so if this is a continuing problem, it is a good idea to seek the help of a counsellor or other mental health professional.

Find a circle of supportive people

People that are supportive of your goals can be very helpful in terms of motivation. They can provide encouragement, keep you accountable, and give advice. You can create a supportive circle by surrounding yourself with people that have the same goals or nurturing relationships with people that encourage you. Limit contact with people that make rude remarks and are discouraging of your goals. Constructive criticism can be helpful, but there are also people who are just plain mean or jealous. Make sure that you are spending more of your time with people that will motivate you and not tear you down.

If you are struggling to create plans and stick to them, there is no shame in seeking extra help in the community. Dimension Health & Wellness has Life Coaches, Counsellors, Naturopathic Doctors, and Registered Dietitians to give you non-judgmental support and encouragement. We are here to inform you, encourage you, and help you stay motivated! Call to book today at (778) 704-0621.