2021 Business Excellence Awards – Criteria2020-09-24T08:09:01-08:00


How are the finalists and winners decided?2020-09-22T18:59:33-08:00

Finalists and winners are decided by online voting, number of votes.

Do I need to have a business license to qualify?2020-09-22T19:00:30-08:00

To qualify for any award- you need to reside in Chilliwack and your business must be a Chilliwack business (We will include Rosedale, Yarrow, Popkum)

Can businesses or individuals nominate themselves?2020-09-22T19:02:48-08:00

No, a business or individual cannot nominate themselves.

Nominations Rules:
• Organizations, businesses or individuals may not nominate themselves for any award
• Nominees can only be nominated for 2 categories (The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to place you in the appropriate category based on the nomination)
• Nominations must include a reason or explanation for the nomination.
• Nominations must include at least one reference (name, email and phone number)
• Nominees must do business within the City of Chilliwack

Voting Rules:
• One vote per person is allowed per category

Award Criteria

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