About Us

Our Mission & Vision

‘Our mission is to promote, enhance and facilitate the development of Chilliwack’s business community. The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce encourages and empowers our members to actively participate and thrive in our local economy’


The Chilliwack Chamber believes in partnership and collaboration. Collectively we are better together, both in terms of the size and strength of our network, and in having our community and provincial partners recognize us as a trusted partner; one who makes evidence-based decisions with the shared goal of a stronger Chilliwack.

Chamber History

The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce is a member driven organization of businesses and individuals working together for the betterment of the business community as a whole. Originally established in 1903, as the Board of Trade, we can now celebrate over 110 years as the voice of business in Chilliwack. In addition, it was created to give business an influence in the type of development, legislation and growth that affects commerce.

Member Testimonials

The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce is a well-respected resource for businesses large and small. Chamber advocacy, events, and initiatives help businesses in Chilliwack thrive. The Chamber has been an important resource for my business and a critically important voice for the private sector, not only in Chilliwack but for British Columbia as a whole. I am extremely proud to be a Past President and a Chamber member for life.

Jason Lum, Chilliwack City Councillor / Past President Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce

Chill-Air has been part of this community for 25 years now, and being a member of the Chilliwack Chamber has been a big part of our success. Knowing our business customers face to face and establishing strong business network connections has made our bond even stronger. The Chamber has been a great way to find out what’s happening and who is involved in the developments of our community. I particularly enjoy the monthly Chamber Connections, and enjoy learning about the other local businesses that open their doors after hours to show what they offer and how they impact the local economy.

I am very proud to be a part of this great organization.

Chris Churly, President of Chill-Air Conditioning (2007) Ltd