Theta Healing®️ Practitioner

Theta Healing®️ Practitioner

During these times we may feel a bit upset about what is happening around the world. Concerned for the health of our loved ones.  Angry about the actions of others. Frustrated about how it is affecting our day to day.  We may be confused as to what we are supposed to be feeling as we sit in our homes, with no one telling us where to be and what time to be there at.

Despite all the obvious “bad” things that are going on right now, there are so many amazing opportunities that we are being given.  So many opportunities that we can take advantage of.

Reconnect with yourself.  Rediscover your dreams and passions.  The thing about having busy lives, is we don’t give ourselves enough time to see how busy we are.  We don’t notice the things that matter slipping away because they no longer fit in the schedule.

Take some time for self care and reflection.  How long has it been since you slowed down?  How have you changed since then and how do you take care of yourself now?  Start a new self care routine.  Without the everyday pressures looming over your head, figure out what you have been missing in your day to day.

Spend time with Family.  Enjoy the break with your children.  Teach them something new or introduce them to some of the activities that you used to enjoy when you were a child.  Reconnect with an old friend or call family members and see how they are doing.  We may feel alone and isolated, but we have so many different options to connect with other people.  We don’t notice that we live everyday in isolation, we are so busy that other people don’t fit into our schedules.

Learn something new.  Do some research on a topic that you don’t know much about.  Take an online course or take up a new hobby.  Incorporate a new practice into your routine.  Meditation, Yoga or Qigong are all amazing ways to manage stress from the outside world and help to prepare us to return to the regular day to day.

Take time to catch up on all the little things your never have time to enjoy.  Make a scrapbook with the kids.  Get your garden ready for spring or clean up the garage.  Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, soak up all that nature provides.  Open all the windows in your home and let the air into the house.

Enjoy the slower times to come.  Be kind and Be still.

Rose Blaich, RHN