Host a Chamber Connections



Thank you for your interest in sponsoring and hosting a Chamber Connections. Chamber Connections is a member driven networking event which takes place on the
third Tuesday of every month from 5pm to 8pm.

For a successful event please follow the guidelines provided:

Sponsor and Host Responsibilities:

  • Provide a venue from 4:30pm to 8:30pm on the day of the event (Chamber Staff will begin the set up at 4:30pm)
  • Provide a reception table for Chamber staff to greet guests upon their arrival
  • Provide appetizers for guests
  • Provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage choices for guests
  • Obtain a Special Occasion Liquor License (Must provide Chamber staff with a copy prior to event)

Chamber Responsibilities:

  • Organize and promote the event in cooperation with sponsor
  • Process registrations
  • Provide recommendations for caterers and bar tenders (if requested)

The Chamber encourages businesses to provide entertainment during the event, (This is not a requirement.)

It is the sole responsibility of the host(s) for Chamber Connections to adhere to all licensing requirements of hosting special events.

Please contact the Chamber office for more information.

604.793.4323 or