Luna Float / Floatation Therapy Discounts

Luna Float / Floatation Therapy Discounts

Chilliwack’s FIRST Float Therapy Centre REST. RELAX. RECOVER. Are you floating yet?

What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation therapy, or simply “Floating”, is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or R.E.S.T. for short. Floatation therapy is known to offer a plethora of benefits including stress and anxiety relief, relaxation, meditation, enhanced healing and recovery, pain management, creative exploration, introspection and mental conditioning. The floatation tank was originally invented by Dr. John Lilly in 1954 while working for the National Institute for Mental Health
Our float tank contains 10” of water and 1100 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts. This creates a very dense solution that allows the body to float effortlessly and minimizes the forces of gravity delivering a feeling of weightlessness. The water is heated and maintained to body temperature so you can’t tell where the body ends and the water begins.

People use float therapy for many different reasons, some perceived benefits include: 

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Enhance athletic performance and shorten recovery time
  • Strengthen the immune system, alleviate pain, and speed healing
  • Reset your biological clock, overcome jetlag, improve sleep
  • Reduce blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption
  • Deepen meditation and heighten self-awareness
  • Increase creativity and problem-solving ability
  • Help visualize to achieve your goals.

Luna Float

special offers for Chamber Members
  • 10% off 90 minute floats
  • workplace wellness packages
  • customizable monthly memberships / shareable with your staff & VIP clients
*some restrictions may apply
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