Chamber History

The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce provides many different services to the community. Originally established in 1903, as the Board of Trade, the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce is a member driven organization of businesses and individuals working together for the betterment of the business community as a whole. It was created in order to give business an influence in the type of development, legislation and growth that affects commerce.

Furthermore, joining the City of Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce is a wise business decision as it provides numerous opportunities via networking contacts, educational benefits and substantial savings through a wide variety of member programs.

Member Comments:

"Chilliwack's Chamber of Commerce has been in existence for over to 100 years and I hope it continues. It has done a lot for the community and is an important unifying force for education, information, networking and socializing."
-- Vic Tunbridge, Chamber President, 1980

"The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce has always been an important part of the business community. When Auld Phillips joined in 1964, we did so because we wanted to be a part of the community, and to have access to the training and assistance the Chamber offers to help make us a better business."
-- Jim Gilbert, General Manager, Auld Phillips