Executive Welcome

Being a member of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce entitles you to numerous tangible benefits… all straight forward and easy to access. (go to the "members only" section and log in)  In addition to tangible benefits you are also invited to numerous luncheons, a gala awards evening and other networking opportunities monthly.  But surely, you ask, there must be something more to gain by being a part of the chamber movement?  There is!


As a member of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce you are part of the largest, most broadly based business organization in Chilliwack.  It does not stop there.  Not only are you part of the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce you are also part of the BC Chamber of Commerce. You are part of the most dynamic network of Chambers operating in the many hundreds of communities across our country, representing business members locally, provincially and nationally.   No other organization comes close to matching this incredible network.


Over the past year the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce has strengthened its relationship with the BC Chamber of Commerce.   Here in BC, as we emerge from an economic recession, we can point to a number of achievements that served to soften the blow for businesses in most sectors of our economy.    Our strong dollar, much revered banking system, competitive tax regime, employment and labour environment, and regulatory environment all came about as a result of the contribution made by your Chamber and many other like minded organizations on many different fronts.  This is not short term work, in fact, it is the product of many hours of advocacy development.


Our members come from every industry in Chilliwack and we represent a complete cross section of our business community.  The Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce is truly representative of the corporate profile in Chilliwack.


Under the BC Chamber umbrella, created in partnership with  the BC Chambers and the BC Government, the BC Government approved the "Mobile Business Licensing" which allowes mobile businesses (e.g. contractors, cateres) to operate across participating municipal governments.


The policy the Chilliwack Chamber has adopted for 2013 is "derelict buildings". Recommendations from the Chilliwack Chamber are:


  • Amene the Community Charter to give municipalities the option of introducing tools and strategies to motivate the owners of derelict properties to improve and maintainsuch properties; and
  • clearly define what constitutres a derelict property


As a member, or a future member, you can be part of this important process.  If we are to truly become a knowledge based economy, our members need to be part of an increasingly demanding knowledge-based society that will require a constantly changing variety of skills.


We welcome you to come and work with us!