Business Excellence Awards – Criteria2018-12-11T08:43:19-08:00

Business Excellence Awards

How are the finalists and winners decided?2018-11-06T13:52:50-08:00

Finalists and winners are decided by the independent Judging Committee.

Do I need to have a business license to qualify?2018-10-03T11:59:18-08:00

Yes, you need to have proof of a valid business license from the City of Chilliwack.

Can surrounding companies be nominated?2018-10-12T13:01:04-08:00

No, all nominees must be located in the City of Chilliwack

How long does a business have to be operating to self-nominate or be nominated?2018-11-06T12:06:17-08:00

Minimum of 12 months

Can businesses or individuals nominate themselves?2018-10-03T11:16:47-08:00

Yes, self-nominations are welcome.


Please be sure to checkout the Business Excellence information sheet and the Scoring Matrix.

Award Criteria

Scoring Matrix

Criteria Weight Scoring Total Score
Community Involvement: 5 (2) Board Involvement 5%
(2) Charitable Giving
(1) Volunteerism
Community Presence: 5 5%
(2) Social Media Activity
(2) Website
(1) Brand Recognition
Nominations: 5 10%
(3)Quality of Nominations
·         Submitted nomination form
·         Self?
(2)Number of Nominations
Questionnaire Responses: 5 25%
(3) Quality of Answers
(1) All questions answered
(1) Answers contain all components of the questions
Customer Service: 5 5%
(5) Google Reviews
Judges: 15 50%
  Judges Opinions
·         Overall scores on matrix
·         Interviews of nominees